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Spain's PM rules out early general election

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Spain's PM rules out early general election


A resolute Spanish prime minister dismissed speculation that he is considering calling an early general election after the drubbing meted out to his Socialists.

But José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero did acknowledge the impact made by a week of mass demonstrations against the country’s stagnant economy.

“It was reasonable to expect that the Socialist ruling party would be punished today by the people. We understand these results and we take them into account,” said Prime Minister Zapatero.

Meanwhile at the Popular Party headquarters Opposition leader Mariano Rajoy was understandably more jubilant.

“Today is a beautiful day for our party. We have recorded the best results in the history of our party in a regional election….the best.”

But it remains to be seen what reaction the PP will have if their leaders start implementing tough spending cuts in the cities and regions they now control.

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