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Conflict and controversy at a vintage Cannes

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Conflict and controversy at a vintage Cannes


The Cannes Film Festival has ended as usual with the giving of prizes. And this year’s best picture went to Terrence Malick’s metaphysical epic, “The Tree of Life”. But even the glamour of Cannes apparently could not tempt the reclusive Malick to attend. But then it would not be Cannes without controversy.

Euronews’ reporter, Wolfgang Spindler said:

“This was a very unusual award ceremony, the Palm d’Or went to a film whose director never turned up, the best actress award went for a role in a film whose director was expelled and the best actor award went to someone in a silent film… it would all make a good story line for its own movie.”

And that best actress was Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia but it was director Lars Von Trier calling himself a Nazi during a press conference which got the critics talking – and him banned.

Kirsten Dunst agreed that the director’s comments were “inappropriate”.

Meanwhile Jean Dujardin, who won best actor in the silent film The Artist seemed to want to make up for the fact that he had been unable to talk throughout the film by going all philosophical about what gets the message across…

“In fact silent cinema is a bit like the talkies, one takes an idea and plays with it and in the end it’s not the words that matter….it’s ones body which does the talking,” he said.

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