Von Trier regrets 'idiotic' Hitler comments

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Von Trier regrets 'idiotic' Hitler comments

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Lars von Trier has admitted he was stupid for joking at a news conference about being a Nazi and a Hitler sympathiser.

The Danish film director apologised after his gaffe, but it failed to prevent him from being kicked out of the Cannes Film Festival.

euronews correspondent Wolfgang Spindler interviewed a contrite von Trier outside the festival centre, and asked him:

“How could you forget and ignore that making jokes about Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and Jews could be very dangerous?”

“Because I make a such a lot of these jokes, and I do them in private. The only thing I forgot, which was of course extremely stupid, was that I addressed it to the world. I thought I was doing well and suddenly I went somewhere that was completely idiotic. So I’m sorry for that,” Lars von Trier replied.

Spindler asked him how he intended to smooth relations with the festival’s organisers.

“I don’t really think I can do much more, only of course talk to Thierry (Frémaux) and Gilles Jacob (the festival directors) and if there’s anything they want me to do, of course I will do it. But let’s see – time heals the wounds, they say,” responded von Trier.

The embarrassed director says he will continue making films, but will stop giving news conferences. His movie “Melancholia” remains in competition at Cannes.