I regret Hitler joke: Danish director Von Trier

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I regret Hitler joke: Danish director Von Trier

I regret Hitler joke: Danish director Von Trier
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Danish film director Lars Von Trier caused uproar at the Cannes Festival on Wednesday when he said that he “understood Hitler.”

He later apologised after being kicked out of the festival.

euronews’ reporter Wolfgang Spindler spoke to him on the French Riviera.

euronews, Wolfgang Spindler: How could you forget and ignore that making jokes about Adolf Hitler, Nazis and Jews could be very dangerous?

Lars Von Trier: Because I make a lot of these jokes, and I do them in private. The only thing I forgot, which was extremely stupid, was that I addressed it to the world. I thought I was doing well and suddenly I went somewhere that was completely idiotic. So, I’m sorry for that.

On the other hand, I think that the solution should be that I should stay away from these press-conferences because it’s not my scene, or on the other hand, totally become a politician, get rid of my sense of humour, (which) would be bad for me and the rest of my life….so I’d rather just stay away from press-conferences.

euronews: But being an artist also means go beyond borders, to push the limits, and in this case you were really punished for going beyond borders.

Von Trier: Yeah, but normally my provocations are more intelligent because there is a reason for them, and here it was just my mistake. It was nonsense, and there was no reason to make anyone feel bad. It was a mistake.

euronews: What would would be your idea, your efforts on how to calm down the situation with the Cannes festival?

Von Trier: I have apologised for what I thought I could apologise for and there are some things for which I couldn’t apologise for. For example, people wanted me to say that (Adolf) Speer was not a great architect, which I consider he is, and I was asked to take that back. I couldn’t do that. I have stretched myself in apologising as much as I think is fair, so I don’t really think I can do much more, only of course talk to Thierry (Frémaux) and Gilles Jacob, and if there’s anything they want me to do, of course I would do it. Let’s see. Time heals the wounds, as they say.

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