Von Trier canned at Cannes as expulsion sets tongues wagging

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Von Trier canned at Cannes as expulsion sets tongues wagging

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All the gossip at the Cannes Film Festival is the expulsion of provocative Danish director Lars Von Trier for calling himself a Nazi and Hitler sympathiser.

The movie maker has since apologised saying it was joke.

For journalists covering the event they now have more than movies and dresses to talk about.

Rokshad Nourdeh is an Iranian journalist:

“I think he is a little confused like a lot of artists, its a little ambiguous, it’s not really clear.”

Ronald Rovers writes for the Dutch publication Filmkrant:

“I think it is being blown out of proportion, the fact that he is a provocateur is also exaggerated. He is not. He is just playing with us and he is looking how people react.”

Italian journalist, Elena Dal Forno:

“Neither this festival nor the world of cinema can afford to loose Lars von Trier.”

The man is out, his film “Melancholia” remains in competition and is seen as a possible prize winner.

Christian Martin is a French radio journalist for Cherie FM:

“I think it is a great pity because I think its the best film and could well win the Palme d’Or.”

Euronews arts reporter Wolfgang Spindler is at the festival:

“There is a feeling of regret on the Croisette about the faux pas of Lars von Trier and the harsh reaction of the festival’s direction. What is clear is that the incident will scar the career of the Danish film director.”