Photographers at Cannes 7/8: "I enjoy being behind the scenes"

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Photographers at Cannes 7/8: "I enjoy being behind the scenes"

Photographers at Cannes 7/8: "I enjoy being behind the scenes"
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Media coverage of the Cannes festival requires an army of photographers. Some stand on duty alongside the red carpet while others are sent on sorties in the town’s streets and alleys. Away from the action, their editors sit in darkened rooms working furiously on images that will be seen across the world. But what is it like being at the front line in Cannes? What goes on behind the camera? euronews is following a team from Getty Images to get their unique perspective of life on the Croisette.

“We receive the images from the photographers and we pick out the best images that they’ve shot. Then we do some very basic photoshopping – no major retouching, just a little bit of work on the levels (contrast and colour) - and we caption and we send out to newspapers and magazines and sub-agent.”
“I’m in the office from 9am until 1 or 2am. We’re in the office underneath the festival Palais but we see everything; we’re the first to see the photos, we’re right there live, we get them directly from the cameras into our computers and try to get them out as quickly as possible. I don’t really wish I could be on the surface more; I enjoy being in the back, watching and organising from behind the scenes, making sure things run smoothly.”

“This is my second time at Cannes; the first was four years ago. This time it seems a little bigger. We have more client jobs, more paid assignments and it seems also to be a very popular year for celebrities.”
“The last time I was here, there were also Brad and Angelina and it was one of the first times they’d stepped out together as a couple. It’s cool to see how they are four years later, how they look at each other. It’s like they have a stronger bond.”

“I’ve done the Oscars, I’ve done Doha, Tribeca, Venice, Los Angeles, Sundance, Australia for MTV. The Oscars is about four hours of arrivals, here it’s all day, every day for a week. As far as film festivals go, Cannes is bigger! The red carpet is bigger which makes the photos feel very grand. And that’s why I love the place so much.”
“We’ve looked through about 140,000 photos in eight days. We look for something unique, eye contact, a full length, a nice pose, something that shows that you’re in Cannes: palm trees, photographers and lots of people. In Cannes the photographers are shooting towards each other which adds a lot of atmosphere to the shots.”
“In terms of the photos this year at Cannes so far, there’s one of Penelope Cruz that I absolutely love, where you just see her head over the photographers and over the people and there’s a flash behind her. And there’s a moment where she catches the photographer’s eyes and picks him out among all the others.”

Bridget Green

Bridget Green is a Field Photo Editor for Getty who is covering her second Cannes Film Festival.
She studied photography and new media at college and after graduating eight years ago, worked in her native United States, in Los Angeles and New York.
Green has been based in London since last summer.
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