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Canne Camera d'Or selection

Canne Camera d'Or selection
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A hard-hitting and stylish first film from Mexican director Everardo Gout is in the competition for the Canne’s Camera d’Or.

Dias de Gracia (Days of Grace) looks at three different stories during three World Cup competitions.

With two hostage-takings and a number of twists, Dias de Gracia is a roller-coaster ride through a world of violence, police corruption and a society falling apart.

The film stars Mexican actors Tenoch Huerta, Dolores Heredia and Spanish actor Carlos Bardem, the brother of Javier

Everardo Gout explained the thinking behind the film: “Because we are dealing a harsh theme, we want it to have a clear message, and that is to tell people that at the end of the day, you hold the cards and everything depends on what you decide, whether you go one way or another. We didn’t want to be solemn or boring, and we didn’t want to be pretentious and so we knew that we had to make it very entertaining, which moves you between emotions and which at the end of the story leaves you thinking.”

The action is fast and furious and the pace is relentless. The character played by Tenoch Huerta, loses everything dear to him and embarks on a crusade of revenge.

Actor Tenoch Huerta explained the characters’ motivation: “Most people are capable of doing the most horrible things if circumstances dictate. If someone threatens your family, you will do all you can to keep them safe, and if you have to torture someone to save your family, then you will do it.

“The majority of people would act the same. And in the film there is no distinction between good and bad, there are only circumstances. And the circumstances force you to do one thing or another but ultimately, it is up to you to decide.”

Dias de Gracia is not the only film at the festival exploring Mexico’s crime problems – Gerardo Naranjo’s Miss Bala and The Night Watchman by Natalia Almada are also representing the country in other competitions.

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