'Bodies are in the streets', say Syrian refugees

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'Bodies are in the streets', say Syrian refugees

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Some Syrian refugees who have managed to cross into Lebanon have told stories of widespread destruction and killing in the border town of Tel Kelakh.

The Syrian army has been bombarding the town for several days. The sound of gunfire has been heard on the Lebanese side. More than 20 people are said to have been killed in the crackdown following protests calling for Assad to step down.

The mayor of one Lebanese village says more than 4000 Syrians have fled to Lebanon since the unrest began.

Despite the violence, some Syrians who crossed the border are returning to their villages to deliver food.

“It’s terrorism. They destroyed us and they destroyed Tel Kelakh,” said a resident of the Syrian village of Hellat. “Bodies are on the ground in the streets, the houses are destroyed and the mosques destroyed. Only the elderly are left and we are taking bread to them.”

Syrians taking refuge in one Lebanese village say many men in Tel Kelakh have been arrested, and homes targeted by tanks.

Overall human rights groups believe at least 700 civilians have been killed and thousands detained during the uprising over the past few weeks.

The authorities blame most of the violence on armed groups backed by Islamists and interference from abroad.