New start for Haiti

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New start for Haiti

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Haiti’s new president, Michel Martelly, has been sworn in with a promise to wake the country up and a request for people to trust him.

A former leader of one the world’s richest countries, President Bill Clinton, was invited for the ceremony in this, one of the world’s poorest.

Haiti’s fragile infrastructure was destroyed by a devastating earthquake last year, a point demonstrated by an embarrassing power-cut during the inauguration.

Nearly a third of a million people died in the quake.

Hundreds of buildings were destroyed, including the old parliament.

President Martelly spoke to a large, enthusiastic crowd.

“Yes, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder we are going to change Haiti. We are going to rebuild this country. We are going to reshape its face, make it strong. My presidency is your presidency and I will work for you for the result to come out and bold and ahead”

It is a big challenge for the pop-star-turned-president. Known more commonly as “Sweet Micky” he has no previous government experience.

It is also a turning point for Haiti. This is the first time a democratically elected president has handed over power to a freely elected leader of the opposition.