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Tripoli takes pounding in fresh NATO night strikes

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Tripoli takes pounding in fresh NATO night strikes


Tripoli has once again been targeted as NATO war planes launch a fresh series of night strikes on the Libyan capital.

Government officials and Libyan state-run television say Bab al-Azaziya, Gaddafi’s compound, came under renewed attack. Details of the air strikes are difficult to verify as journalists are not allowed to operate without government minders. Press photos of hospitals in Tripoli are taken during guided tours by government minders (see picture).

One man allegedly injured in the attacks said:

“Usually NATO jets come and go, they do not hit us but this time when they saw the leader appear on TV they thought he is in Bab al-Azaziya. He is not there. Then missiles were dropped on us civilians, that is not saving civilians.”

The strikes came hours after the Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi made his first TV appearance since his one of his sons was killed by a NATO missile. His re-emergence looked stage managed to end rumours that he had been killed or injured by NATO bombing runs.

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