Sectarian tensions rise in Egypt

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Sectarian tensions rise in Egypt

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There has been more sectarian violence in Egypt, this time in the port of Alexandria.

According to the AP news agency a group of Christians gathered on a street on Tuesday to protest about the weekend clashes in Cairo.

He said they were then set upon by a group of Muslims who chased them and then started beating them with sticks.

The battles went on for about an hour before the police arrived and the crowds dispersed.

Around ten per cent of Egyptians are Christian. There was a rare show of unity leading upto the ousting of Mubarak earlier this year, but since his departure tensions have increased.

At the weekend a church in Cairo was set alight along with a Christian-owned apartment block.

The violent clashes left 13 people dead.

On the Muslim side much of the aggression is being attributed to the ultra-conservative Salafists, who are known to have a strong presence in Alexandria.

The army has so far been seen as reluctant to crackdown over fears of sparking a backlash.