Take your gun to university – in Texas

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Take your gun to university – in Texas

Take your gun to university – in Texas
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No need for Superman to rescue victims in Texas universities as the State’s senate is to allow students to carry guns on campus.

The senator who proposed the measure, which would allow concealed handgun licence holders to take their weapons to public colleges, believes it will make campuses safer.

“My goal this whole time is to put doubt in the mind of the shooter that, ‘Well, maybe I shouldn’t go on that campus and try to take a bunch of kids out,’” Republican Jeff Wentworth was cited by Reuters as saying after the measure passed.

Texas Senate’s endorsement makes the state second after Utah to allow guns at colleges.

A Democrat senator who chairs the higher education committee called the proposal dangerous. “I think there will be increased violence and unnecessary tragedies because of this bill,” Democrat Judith Zaffirini said.

Sniper Charles Whitman killed 12 people at the University of Texas in 1966 and wounded dozens. According to Associated Press, Zaffirini who was a student there at the time, predicted that police response in case of future shootings would be chaotic, having several people with drawn guns at the scene.

“I can’t imagine the horrors if this passes,” Associated Press cited Zaffirini as saying.

Texas’ governor supports the bill and has said he will sign it.

By Ali Sheikholeslami
London Correspondent