Israel's Birthday

Celebrations have started to mark Israel’s 63rd year of independence. The state was founded on May 14, 1948. The events usually start with the


Russian suicide attack

A suicide bomber has killed a police officer in the capital of Russia’s troubled Dagestan region. The attacker blew himself up when he was stopped


Terminator might not be back

Former governor of California, ex-Holywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver, have said they are separating. The couple said


What future for Schengen?

Germany has backed France’s bid for member states to overrule Europe’s Schenegen border treaty in special circumstances. France has called for


Microsoft call in Skype

Microsoft is buying phone network company Skype for almost six billion euros – in cash. Skype – through which people can make voice and video


Greece: more aid needed?

Europe’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn says a new plan to help Greece with its massive debts is being prepared but that it is


Exploring Russia's Urals

Traveller’s diary   Denis Loktev – Magnitogorsk, 4 May 2011   The Ural mountain’s (the eastern part is considered a natural boundary between Russia’s


China trade surplus surges

China has a hefty trade surplus in April as exports hit a record – up 30 percent on a year ago – while imports eased more than expected. China


Ex-F1 boss loses privacy case

The European Court of Human Rights has said ‘no’ to Max Mosley (pictured), the former chief of motor sports, who wanted more curbs imposed on the