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Rising sectarian tensions in Egypt

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Rising sectarian tensions in Egypt


Egypt’s Justice Minister has warned that people threatening the country’s internal security will face an “iron fist”.

Hundreds of Christians and Muslims clashed in central Cairo on Sunday, just hours after a church and a Christian-owned apartment building were set on fire, killing at least 10 and injuring nearly 200.

The latest violence flared as a group of Coptic Christian protesters marched from the State Prosecutor’s HQ towards the state television building.

An activist said the army did little to stop the clashes.

Earlier a group of Salafist Muslims had attacked and set fire to a church in the poor Imbaba district, over rumours that a woman was being held captive because she wanted to convert to Islam.

Late on Sunday some victims of the violence were being mourned in the Coptic church of St George.

During the 18-day uprising that ousted Mubarak, there was a rare spirit of brotherhood between Muslims and Christians, but since then, sectarian tensions have been increasing.

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