Claims of hundreds of arrests in Syria

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Claims of hundreds of arrests in Syria

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Human rights groups say the Syrian army has arrested scores of activists in continuing unrest.

Despite President Bashar al-Assad’s determination to quash the uprising, protesters continue to pour on to the streets.

euronews, along with other media organisations, is having to rely on unverifiable amateur video because reporters are not allowed into Syria at present.

But the latest footage received by news agencies appears to show protesters on the streets in the city of Homs.

The government however is continuing to insist there is no uprising, and that it is all down to armed gangs intent on stirring up trouble.

The President has been quoted by the al-Watan newspaper as saying he believes the trouble will soon be over

One human rights group estimates that over 800 people have been arrested so far.

The government disputes that figure and says 100 soldiers have also been killed.

On Monday state TV showed the funerals of four soldiers it said were killed in clashes with what it called “armed terrorists” in the city of Homs.