Last of the German playboys

The legendary German playboy and former husband of French actress Brigitte Bardot, has killed himself. 78 year-old Gunter Sachs is reported to have


Happy birthday car

The motor car is 125 years old. Carl Benz, as in Mercedes Benz, is credited with having applied for the first patent for a car back in 1886. To


Anti-terror demo in Morocco

Thousands of Moroccans gathered in Marrakesh over the weekend at the site of a bomb attack on the Cafe Argana that killed 17 people on April 28


EU eyes on key Albanian poll

Albanians have been voting in local elections described as a referendum on the national government’s record – and a key test for possible future

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Yemen youth protest

Youth groups leading protests to oust Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh call on Gulf Arab states to withdraw a plan which has failed so far to


Syrian crackdown continues

Amateur video uploaded onto a social media website on Friday purports to show Syrian security forces physically and verbally abusing detained