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Double loss for UK's Liberal Democrats

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Double loss for UK's Liberal Democrats


It has been a bad end to the week for Liberal Democrats. Across the UK, the party has lost over 800 council seats following Thursday’s local elections. In England alone, the Lib Dems no longer have control of nine councils.

The public have also overwhelming voted against electoral reform championed by the party and some are firmly blaming Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg. One of these people is Gary Long, former leader of Liberal Democrats on Nottingham City Council:

“I think that Nick Clegg is now discredited as a national leader of the political party. In order for the Lib Dems to start to rebuild from this position, we need a new leader, so I call on him to resign as party leader.”

Despite being pitted against each other in the alternative vote campaign, both Clegg and Prime Minister David Cameron are saying these election results will not affect their coalition partnership and they want to get on with governing in the national interest.

Just what shape the UK will take in the future may now also be in question. Victory for Alex Salmond’s SNP party paves the way for Scotland’s First Minister to hold a referendum on Scottish independence.

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