Al Qaeda 'denies responsibility' for Morocco blast

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Al Qaeda 'denies responsibility' for Morocco blast

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Al Qaeda has reportedly denied any link to last week’s bomb attack in Morocco which killed 17 people, mostly foreign tourists.

Three people are being held by the authorities in connection with the explosion which destroyed the Argana café in Marrakesh.

The organisation al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has apparently told a private website, the Nouakchott News Agency, that it was not involved.

The Interior Ministry had described the chief suspect Adil el-Atmani as having loyalty to al Qaeda. He is said to have made the bomb at home and worn a wig while dressing as a hippy when planting it.

The death toll rose on Friday when a 25-year-old Swiss woman died from her injuries suffered in the attack.

But some tourists are not being put off.

“We feel very safe here. There has been good security in every hotel, the casino…they have checks, it’s very good. Trouble happens anywhere in the world,” said one English-speaking tourist.

Almost half the victims were French. When their bodies were returned to Paris, President Sarkozy came to the airport to pay tribute, and vowed not to let the crime go unpunished.