Bin Laden videos released

The Pentagon has released five video clips of Osama bin Laden, which it says were taken from the compound in the raid on Monday that resulted in his


EU open day

The EU is attempting to connect with citizens by holding open days of the parliament and other institutions in Brussels, Luxembourg and and


No let up in US home security

For the time being President Obama is basking in the approval of the American public after the killing Osama bin Laden in Monday’s daring raid in

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Syria: "day of defiance"

Activists on Friday (May 6) counted 27 killed in anti-government protests in Syria across the country. Amateur video posted on the web on Friday


Taliban attack governor's house

Taliban insurgents have opened fire on the home and compound of the governor of Kandahar province in the south of the country. Several explosions


The Urals: Russia's backbone

The Ural mountains are a natural boundary between Russia’s European and Asian parts. It’s spring but the local climate allows skiing until early May