Commodity markets fall as volatility takes hold

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Commodity markets fall as volatility takes hold

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Commodity prices continue to fall with crude oil shedding as much as 5 dollars a barrel as markets fear a slow down in global growth.

Brent crude also fell by as much as 5.1 per cent, still, it remains over the 110 dollars a barrel mark.

Unrest in Arab nations pushed the price of oil well up putting pressure company profits.

Brent has lost more than 12 per cent since Wednesday, the biggest fall since the financial crisis more than two years ago.

Oil, silver, sugar and cotton have all dropped. Silver hit a record high last Thursday but has since shed some thirty per cent of it’s value.

The fall in commodity prices is linked to fears over growth the 19-commodities index was down some 5 per cent the fifth biggest one-day drop on record.

The rout on commodity prices on Thursday has been prompted by jobless data from US and a slowing of industrial orders in Germany.

Analysts warn that volatility in the commodity market could remain for some time to come.