Bin Laden supporters warn of al-Qaeda revenge

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Bin Laden supporters warn of al-Qaeda revenge

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Around a thousand people in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi have held a prayer service and vigil in honour of Osama bin Laden.

The death of the al-Qaeda leader has provoked relief in many within the country while others are angry at the treatment of his body and claim the blood of Osama will lead to revolution.

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The banned-from-Britain radical cleric Omar Bakri, who is now living in Lebanon, warned of retaliation.

“They tried to humiliate the Muslims by throwing the body of Sheikh Osama bin Laden into the sea. In Islam this is considered as a direct war against Allah. Therefore I am expecting heavy retaliation from al-Qaeda and their supporters.”

Security in Washington, London, Paris and beyond has been stepped up in case of revenge attacks. Although al-Qaeda itself is no longer thought capable of organising large scale operations, Yemeni based operatives and al-Qaeda-inspired splinter groups could.