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Bin Laden raid details remain sketchy

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Bin Laden raid details remain sketchy


The unreliability and sheer lack of any hard data concerning the bin Laden raid in Pakistan continues to top the news.

The manner of bin Laden’s death is still unclear; was he armed or unarmed? Did he use a woman as a human shield, or did she flee from him when the soldiers arrived? Was he captured then executed, or died resisting arrest? Stories have changed during the day, often contradicting each other.

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It seems authentic photos of bin Laden’s body exist, and publishing them might go some way to allaying suspicions in some quarters that the al Qaeda head is not dead, but the US government is hesitating as it says they are of a very gory nature.

The FBI’s website has added the bright red label “Deceased” on bin Laden’s photo on its “Most Wanted” wall, but is not saying if anyone has come forward to claim the $25 million reward.

Every story can be told in many ways: see the perspectives from Euronews journalists in our other language teams.

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