Muslims react to al Qaeda leader's death

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Muslims react to al Qaeda leader's death

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There has been a mixed reaction among Muslims around the world to the news of the death of Osama bin Laden. They range from deep suspicion to relief.

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In New York second generation Pakistani Faisal wanted more proof.

“A hundred per cent of the people are not all sure he is dead. They want to see his body, you know?”

In Yemen where anti-government protests have continued for several weeks, Mohammed denounced the killing saying it would only strengthen those who support him.

“If Osama Bin Laden has really died and they killed him as they claim, a thousand Osama Bin Laden will appear, God willing”

While Saleh said “If he was actually from Al Qaeda and was actually a terrorist, then killing him was permissible, and if they have evidence that he was a terrorist, then those terrorists – we hate them all.”

In the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan which has a majority Muslim population, Kenjebek was more philosophical.

“You cannot hate Islam just because of bin Laden. But you also cannot hope that terrorism will disappear because of bin Laden’s death.”