ICRC urges Syria to lift restrictions on medics

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ICRC urges Syria to lift restrictions on medics

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The International Committee of the Red Cross on Tuesday called on Syria to stop preventing its medics from treating casualties in Deraa.

Deraa, in the south of Syria, has been the epicentre of a government-led crackdown on pro-democracy protests that began in March.

The ICRC says President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is restricting access to victims by its doctors and other medical workers.

Over the past week, Syrian authorities have stepped up a campaign to quell the unrest, despite promising to lift a state of emergency that has been in place since 1963.

Soldiers and tanks are patrolling the streets in a number of cities including Deraa, which has been shelled and put under siege.

Amateur video received by euronews is said to show the Syrian army attacking civilians in Deraa.

Foreign media are restricted from reporting in Syria so it is difficult to independently verify the authenticity of such recordings.

One eyewitness told euronews that some troops in Deraa were disobeying order to fire on the demonstrators.

At least 560 people have been killed in the six-week-old uprising, with many hundreds more wounded or arrested.