Pakistani reactions to bin Laden death

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Pakistani reactions to bin Laden death

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Reactions by Pakistanis in Islamabad to the reports of American action on their soil have been mixed.

The government said it was a breakthrough against militant Islamism. US ties with Pakistan have been very low recently.

Former Pakistan President and army chief Pervez Musharraf said the US raid to kill bin Laden was a “violation of Pakistan’s borders” but added his death has positive long-term implications.

On the streets, lawyer Ghulam Murtaza was one of those who mistrust both governments. He said: “No outside forces should be allowed to enter Pakistani territory. It is a violation of our sovereignty, and we should give no country permission to do that.”

In the majority Muslim country’s largest city, Karachi, some insisted it was time for anti-Taliban action here to stop.

Residents Asad Ali said: “Now that the so-called head of the Taliban has been killed, the US drama and drone attacks in Pakistan should end. If the leader is dead then their organisation will be destabilised. So, America should stop the killing of innocent Pakistanis.”

Bin Laden was not the head of the Afghan Taliban, but of al Qaeda, though he was aided and sheltered by the Taliban.

The Taliban have sworn to avenge bin Laden.