Mixed Arab reaction to bin Laden's death

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Mixed Arab reaction to bin Laden's death

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Reaction in the Arab world to the claim Osama bin Laden is dead has run the full range; from despair to disbelief, to calls for revenge, and happiness a killer’s career is over.

In the Gaza strip Hamas’s leader Ismail Haniyeh was guarded, yet also clear he saw no change for the better coming from it:

“If the news is correct, we regard this as a continuation of the American policy that is based on oppression and shedding the Muslim and Arab blood.”

Saudi Arabia, which stripped bin Laden of his citizenship, hoped his death would help the fight against terror, but in his ancestral home Yemen people on the streets of Sanaa appeared divided on the issue:

“His death is normal of course. This man’s name is connected with committing many wrongdoings, hurting Islam more than benefitting it, what can we say? Killing him was right.”

“Killing him without any justification, whether he’s bin Laden or not bin Laden, this loss of blood is haram is haram is haram – is Forbidden.”

“If Osama bin Laden has really died and they killed him as they claim, a thousand Osama Bin Ladens will appear, God willing.” Just three reactions, but all different.

Benghazi in rebel-held Libya has other things on its mind, remembering the fallen of its struggle on a martyr’s wall, but here too there were voices raised for and against the terrorist leader.