Misrata is pounded once more by Gaddafi forces

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Misrata is pounded once more by Gaddafi forces

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Libyan government forces have once again pounded the port of rebel-held Misrata – this time a news crew was caught up in the shelling.

Before the onslaught, dozens of people had been headed towards the sea front to try and leave the besieged city. Reports say around 12 people were killed.

A volley of rockets hit some aid consignments, causing a fire and filling the sky with smoke.

In Tripoli the burnt out remains of one of several foreign embassies is evidence of how angry crowds attacked the buildings after a NATO airstrike was said to have killed the son of the Libyan leader.

Government officials have shown what they claim is the body of 29-year-old Saif al-Arab Gaddafi.

NATO says it attacked a command centre in the Libyan capital on Saturday night but journalists were taken by Libyan officials to a residential area where they said several members of the Gaddafi family had died in NATO bombing.

With the continued fighting, refugees and artillery fire have spilled over the border into Tunisia. Witnesses claim pro Gaddafi troops have tried to cut off a supply route to the rebels.

Tunisia’s military has set up checkpoints to stop further incursions by its neighbour.