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Hong Kong Airlines train Kung-fu "fight" attendants

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Hong Kong Airlines train Kung-fu "fight" attendants


There was a time when a proficiency in foreign languages was enough training for flight attendants – but now martial arts classes have become a must.

Hong Kong Airlines are offering wing chun classes – to their staff. It’s a style of kung-fu used in close-range combat and it means unruly or drunken passengers had better look out.

Katherine Cheung, wing chun instructor explained: “Wing chun was designed for women, it was designed by a woman for women, and wing chun can be used in a confined space. Some other martial arts use very big movements, but that would be really difficult to do in that space.”

Royce Lam, trainee flight attendant, “ I don’t think we will attack the passengers with wing chun. For some situations it can help us to protect ourselves as well as others.”

For the kung-fu “fight” attendants the martial arts training for mid-air combat is also apparently a good way to keep fit.

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