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Winstone gets tough in 'Tracker'


Winstone gets tough in 'Tracker'

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‘Tracker’ is set in 1903 against the backdrop of New Zealand’s remote and rugged South Island. British actor Ray Winstone plays a Boer War veteran who is promised a huge reward if he can hunt down a Maori seaman, played by Temuera Morrison, who is on the run after being falsely accused of murder.

What follows is a cat and mouse pursuit as hunter and hunted test their bushcraft and wits against each other.

The Western-style movie is set just a year after the Second Boer War, which ended with the conversion of the Boer republics in South Africa into British colonies, with a promise of limited self-government.

Winstone said: “I still love history. I think it’s probably stood me in good stead being an actor you know. The Boer War was there, I knew it from kind of the British point of view, obviously being British, that’s what we’re taught, so I went into it a bit more and I had a South African lady who was my voice coach who actually told me a little bit more about it and actually what the script’s about. You’ve got the internet now where you can check everything out. It’s quite wonderful for that, you know, so you do your reading and you learn the accent and you become a Boer.”

Ray Winstone may be 54 years old, but his new movie proves the former champion boxer has still got what it takes to nail an action-packed role.

“I don’t know why, I mean I trained a lot when I was a kid and I am a big fellow you know, but I’m kind of naturally fit, I can do all that, and every film I kind of do it in I think ‘that’s the last one, I’ll probably have to play lovers from now on’, yeah right, that’ll be a blessing. But I still keep getting them and I still keep kind of pulling them off I guess. And it’s not bad for 54,” he smiles.

‘Tracker’ is out now in cinemas around the UK.

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