Wedding wows royal well-wishers

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Wedding wows royal well-wishers

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The anticipation was palpable as tens of thousands of fans gathered in the heart of the British capital to share in Prince the Royal couple’s big wedding day.

Not a hint that the monarchy’s popularity among the public has waned in recent years. Many people had travelled from far and wide, just to catch a glimpse of Prince William and his soon to be bride. The hoards of well-wishers were wowed.

“They looked very handsome, all in their regalia, very well dressed, with lots of medals and stuff. Sitting very straight and they look very confident and excited about the day ahead,” one woman said.

“She is an absolutely beautiful girl. She doesn’t wear a whole lot of makeup. She is like us. I’m not saying I’m as beautiful as Kate. But she is like us, she is not one of those, she doesn’t have long fingernails, she doesn’t have a lot makeup. A perfect girl, she is perfect for the royal family,” said another woman from Canada.

It is believed this was the biggest event in London with estimated crowds of one million from across the world. In parks and squares in the heart of the capital giant screens beamed pictures of the historic days events. Elsewhere across the country communities enjoyed street parties and a welcome day off to celebrate the biggest British wedding in decades.