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And now, let's party !

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And now, let's party !


I felt a bit like Billy this evening. Billy drove me back to the hotel in his taxi cab after it was all over and told me, “I surprised myself, I was listening to the ceremony on the radio, and suddenly I felt really emotional.”

It has been a very emotional day indeed. And I have to say, one that has lived up to the all the hype that’s been building up in recent months since the announcement of Prince William and Kate’s engagement. Being a small part of it was an amazing experience. Even though your head which grew up in France doesn’t necessarily believe a monarchy is a very democratic form of government, your heart which is half-British understands Billy when he says, “I’m not patriotic, but when I drive down the Mall and see the Horse Guards on parade, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I feel proud, it’s something to do with our culture, and noone does it as well as we do!”

And that couldn’t be more true. I don’t count the number of people who told me what a wonderful day they had had as I sought to capture the mood right after the newlyweds’ balcony kiss at Buckingham Palace. All they want is for the fun to continue, and no doubt it will, as Britons celebrate their Prince and his new Princess at street parties across the nation.

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