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A Royal day of hope and happiness

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A Royal day of hope and happiness

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Euronews has produced a special edition of the Royal Wedding to reflect the historic occasion in London.

It is an event for which the excitement has been building over several weeks with interest from throughout the globe.

People from around the world joined Britons in the capital and Euronews reflected on a day of sumptuous British pomp and pageantry.

Euronews special correspondent, Lise Pedersen, who was outside Buckingham Palace talked to a former press secretary of the Queen, Charles Anson. He reflected on the day.

“I thought the ceremony was a tremendous success and a very happy occasion, partly because it combined all the ceremony and the pageantry for which the British are famous with this very lovely young couple with a very simple and straight forward approach to people,and I thought that combination was a very good one for the beginning of the 21st century,” he opined.

For many it was a moment that will live long in the memory. During the ceremony the Archbishop of Canterbury called it, “a day of hope,” and perhaps it will lift the mood in these difficult times.

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