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US helps Libyan rebels by allowing oil deals

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US helps Libyan rebels by allowing oil deals


After weeks of sustained heavy fighting, Libyan rebels in besieged Misrata said they had pushed back forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. But constant shelling of the port area has prevented aid ships from docking or from evacuating the wounded from the city.

As NATO continued its air strike support, the US upped its help to the Benghazi-based opposition Transitional Council by allowing oil deals.

But US Ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz fell short of formally endorsing the council. “Recognition remains, you know, a legal and an international obligations issue that we’re still studying and we have not made a definitive determination on that question,” said the ambassador.

Meanwhile Libyan officials have begun training civilians across government-controlled western Libya, in an effort to involve the country’s tribes. Gaddafi loyalists say they are preparing for a possible NATO invasion.

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