Foreign media frenzy over royal wedding

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Foreign media frenzy over royal wedding

Foreign media frenzy over royal wedding
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It has been described as the biggest media event in history.

Judging by the amount of foreign journalists that have swamped the British capital to cover the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, such statements may not be hyperbole.

A global audience of two billion is expected to watch on TV, while a further 400 million will tune in online.

Reporting from London, Euronews’ Lise Pedersen: “It’s from these cubicles that the world media is reporting on the Royal Wedding in no other place than opposite London’s most famous landmark Buckingham Palace where the newly weds will appear on the wedding day for THE kiss.”

Much of the frenzy is coming from across the Atlantic. US TV stations have gone royal potty, devoting more coverage to the wedding that the British media.

“Here in England I’ve heard it referred to as the American invasion because apparently when you stack up all the journalists that are here there is a sizeable contingent of Americans,” American TV presenter Deborah Norville said.

Uncharacteristically, Japanese media are scaling back their coverage, due to recent events back home.

“We were supposed to do live coverage on the royal wedding for our channel but because of the earthquake, we cancelled the schedule. We’re just going to do a normal programme,” Japanese journalist Yusuke Ibi said.

But the love affair with the British monarchy doesn’t just end there, the hotly anticipated spectacle really has gone global.

“In Latin America, we do not have a royal family. Only Spain’s and we followed with great interest what is going on with the Spanish government, King Juan Carlos, his wife, the prince – and it is something similar now with London and England and the royal family,’‘ Colombian TV journalist Leo Pareja said.

As the big day draws near there are no hints among the international media of possible wedding fatigue even if they risk oversatcherating viewers.