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Sony face questions over data theft

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Sony face questions over data theft


Sony has suffered a security breach of its online video game network in one of the biggest cases of data theft.
Sensitive personal details of 77 million user accounts have been stolen by hackers, possibly including credit card details. 
A row has erupted over the company’s delay in telling its customers.
Sony shut down the network immediately after it discovered the ‘break-in’ on April 19. Seven days later it broke the news to customers.
“They’ve investigated the data breach for a week, and that’s fine,” said user Makoto Dozo. “But they could have done that after they let users know that the security breach had happened so they could take their own action, like not using the service.“ 
On Tuesday the electronics giant staged a high profile launch of its latest product, a tablet computer to compete with Apple’s iPad. At a news conference executives made no mention of the security breach. 
Twenty four hours later Sony announced the data theft. The company said it could restore some of the network services within a week. There has been no comment yet on the delay in telling their customers.

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