Royal Wedding: Bucklebury village gets ready to celebrate

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Royal Wedding: Bucklebury village gets ready to celebrate

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With the marriage of Britain’s Prince William to his fiancée only a few days away, wedding fever has gripped the nation. And nowhere more so than in Kate Middleton’s home village of Bucklebury.

As preparations get underway to celebrate, rumour has it that several locals are on the guest list.

John Haley, Landlord of the“Old Boot Inn” appears to be one of them.

“There was a message for me to phone somebody,” he said. “It was a member of the family and I phoned up and they said Kate would like to invite you to her wedding. And I said, ‘What date in April is it? Because I’m a bit busy some of the days’, not really, and yeah, of course, over the moon, it’s fabulous.”

Other locals told of past visits by the prince to the village.

“I know they used to drink in the pub together, which I thought was really nice, you know the fact they could have a bit of privacy. Just enjoy going out together,” said one Buckleburian.

Meanwhile youngsters seemed more bemused.

“It will be odd seeing her on TV because, sort of bumping into her around, we’re walking the dogs and stuff, it will be suddenly weird that she’s centre of the TV programme.” said one teenager.

For most, the television will be the nearest they will get to the ceremony but that hasn’t stopped this small community from wishing the couple much happiness on their special day.