Britain counts down to 'wedding of the century'

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Britain counts down to 'wedding of the century'

Britain counts down to 'wedding of the century'
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London has been carrying out its final preparations for the wedding of the century.

Prince William marries university sweetheart Kate Middleton in two days time. On Wednesday, members of Her Majesty’s armed forces went through a dress rehearsal for Friday’s procession.

Police sealed off the streets so personnel from the army, the Royal Air Force and the navy could complete the walk-through.

VisitBritain, the country’s tourist authority expects over one million people to descend on the British capital.

Some are so eager to catch a glimpse of the royal couple, they are camping out along the route overnight.

Their commitment paid off as they were treated to a front row seat of this morning’s practice run.

Not everyone is in party mood, however.

Anti-war and anti-monarchy groups have vowed to stage protests, although police have powers to ban demonstrations near the route.

Kate Middleton will arrive at Westminister Abbey just before midday CET.

When she leaves over an hour later with her husband, she’ll be Princess Catherine and a future Queen of England.