Sony challenges iPad in tablet war

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Sony challenges iPad in tablet war

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Sony has launched its first tablet computers – including one that folds in half – and said it wants to be the second largest seller of such devices.

Currently that fast-growing market is dominated by Apple’s iPad with Samsung’s Galaxy a distant second.

The tablets, called the S1 and the S2, use Google’s Android operating system.

This is an important product for the Japanese company which is struggling to keep up with rivals.

At the media launch, Sony’s consumer products and services chief Kunimasa Suzuki said both the tablets would go on sale worldwide from autumn this year.

Suzuki denied Sony is coming late to the market and said there are still plenty of people who have yet to buy a tablet.

Something that could give Sony an edge is that this device will integrate with PlayStation games.

But is it an i-Pad killer? The technology research company Gartner says Apple will continue to be number one for the next few years despite competition from the likes of Motorola, Samsung, Research in Motion, LG Electronics and HTC and now Sony.