Pressure grows on Syria to stop violence

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Pressure grows on Syria to stop violence

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Latest amateur video from Syria appears to show violent clashes continuing in the city of Deraa, amidst growing international pressure on President Assad to end the crackdown on demonstrators.

Last week Assad lifted a 48 year-old emergency law, but since then human rights’ groups say 400 people have been killed and five hundred arrested.

The government crackdown in Deraa started on Friday and has gone on all weekend.

Although euronews has been unable to verify the source, pictures from Monday show soldiers opening fire as well as tanks moving in the crush opposition.

European governments are urging Syria to end the violence.

On Tuesday, Italy and France issued a joint statement calling on Assad to stop the violent repression of what they called peaceful demonstrations.

The White House says it deplores the tactics of the Syrian government and is considering targeted sanctions, an idea also being pursued by the UK and the Netherlands.

European countries, including the UK and Germany, are drawing up plans to evacuate citizens from Syria.

Criticism also comes from the 22-strong Arab League who said in Tuesday that pro-democracy demonstrators across the Arab world “deserve support, not bullets”