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NATO denies Gaddafi assassination attempt

26/04/11 18:33 CET

The commander of NATO forces in Libya has denied the attack on a building inside Muammer Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziyah compound was an attempt on the leaders life.

The Libyan government accused NATO of targeting Gaddafi.

The Commander of NATO operations in Libya is Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard:

“With regards to the engagement that we conducted in Tripoli. I continue to stay focused not on individuals. This is not about individuals, this is not about regime change, this is about bringing an end to violence against the population by engaging troops that are directly bringing harm to the population.”

The head of NATO operations accused Libyan forces of using civilians as human shields and that violence against the Libyan people is widespread.

More than a month of NATO air attacks have failed to tip the balance in a conflict that is being described as a bloody stalemate.

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