Libyan government forces tighten Misrata noose

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Libyan government forces tighten Misrata noose

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Libyan government forces are pounding the port area of Misrata.

The city, the only rebel stronghold in the west of the country, is surrounded on three sides by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s troops with the sea providing the only way to get supplies in and the wounded out of the besieged city.

It is being reported that two migrant workers were killed on Tuesday after a shell hit a make-shift camp close to the harbour.

A rebel spokesperson claims that fierce fighting is ongoing after pro-Gaddafi forces pulled out of the centre of the city to congregate on the outskirts to begin heavy artillery barrages.

Fighting has intensified in the Western Mountains.

The range stretches from the south of Tripoli to Tunisia, and is inhabited by Berbers, viewed with distrust by the Gaddafi regime. The Berbers in the Western Mountains have now joined the battle to oust the colonel.

Rebels say they have retaken the town of Al Majabira close to the border with Tunisia.

Anti-Gaddafi forces use each victory to plunder government weaponry as this army of civilians continues to battle better trained and better equipped government forces.