Traveller's diary in Solovki

Traveller’s diary   Denis Loktev – Solovetsky Islands, 24th April 2011   It took nine days in unheated train carriages for the first Soviet prisoners


High-tech wedding invites all

Experience-sharing Internet platforms and umpteen eager television teams are all prepared to make the William and Kate extravaganza your


William and Kate cross the divide

Kate Middleton is the young soon-to-be princess who will also become a queen one day – roles which she’s had time to think about and prepare for. She


Chernobyl's 1986 disaster

On 26 April 1986, it was decided at Chernobyl to take advantage of reactor number four’s downtime by carrying out a safety test on an emergency core


Sri Lanka denies UN war report

The Sri Lankan government has rejected a United Nations report blaming it for thousands of civilian deaths after the end of its civil war with Tamil

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Maldon mud race

Start with a picturesque river in rural England, add 250 crazy competitors, stir in tons and tons of ugly black mud and you’ve got the Maldon Mud


Chernobyl's health impact

Twenty five years on, agreement on the number of Chernobyl-related health cases remains hard to come by. Kiev says five million people across