Mubarak to be moved to Cairo prison hospital

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Mubarak to be moved to Cairo prison hospital

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Egyptian prosecutors say former president Hosni Mubarak will be moved to a prison hospital in Cairo after a doctor declared him fit enough to travel.

Mubarak has been detained at a hospital in the coastal resort of Sharm el-Sheikh for the past two weeks.

The 82-year-old is also accused of corruption and abuse of power, including a deal to supply cut price gas exports to Israel. Prosecutors say that a 2008 agreement cost Egypt 490 million euros in lost revenues.

He is under investigation for the deaths of hundreds of protesters during demonstration that led to the end of his three-decade rule in February.

The ruling military council, which took power when Mubarak resigned on February 11, is under pressure to put the former leader on trial, a key demand of protesters who led the 18-day revolution.