Moroccans march en masse for reform

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Moroccans march en masse for reform

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There has been a third day of mass protests in Morocco although they passed off relatively peacefully.

Crowds demanding political reform gathered in several towns from Tangiers to Marrakesh and in the capital Rabat.

Islamists are also calling for the release of more political prisoners.

“Detainees from the Salafist movement were arrested in an international swoop against terrorism,” said one protester.

“This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate with the movement and all the other sects of Moroccan society who share the same objectives and are fighting oppression, exclusion and abuse of power.”

King Mohammed VI announced constitutional reforms that reduce the power of the monarchy last month. He also freed 92 political prisoners.

And so far, policing of protests which began in February, has been low key.

But as the latest rallies show, it is still not enough to appease a large swathe of the population.