International calls for end to nuclear power

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International calls for end to nuclear power

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Anti-nuclear protests have been taking place across the world to mark Tuesday’s 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident in Russia, as well as more recent events in Japan.

German protesters gathered at the Grafenrheinfeld plant in Bavaria to voice their opposition to nuclear power.

And in the north of the country there has been a demonstration at the Krümmel facility near to the city of Hamburg.

Fears over nuclear power have risen considerably since the Japan’s earthquake in March, which severely damaged the Fukushima plant in the north of the country.

As well a demonstration in Tokyo, there has been a protest in the Taiwanese capital Taipei.

Hundreds of protesters marched on the Presidential Palace, chanting “we want green energy, abolish nuclear power plants”.

Popular singer Mina Lee posed semi-naked in front of the Presidential Palace calling for an end to nuclear power.

The slogan on her arms read, “rather nude than nuke”