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Bloody crackdown on Syrian protesters continues

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Bloody crackdown on Syrian protesters continues


At least nine people are believed to have been killed by pro-government forces in the coastal town of Jabla in Syria on Sunday.

Graphic images thought to have been taken on Friday when an estimated 100 people died, making it the bloodiest 24 hours in five weeks of unrest, have been posted on the internet.

With most foreign media having been expelled from Syria it is almost impossible to independently verify the pictures. But they appear to show protesters marching with their hands in the air to show they are unarmed and being shot at by government forces.

The severity of the crackdown has provoked condemnation from the US, the UK and others.

Friday’s bloodshed was followed by more on Saturday as mourners gathered to bury loved ones.

But as President Bashir al-Assad hardens his stance towards protesters, so they harden theirs towards him. Where they had simply sought political reform, now they seek his overthrow.

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