Shocking internet video claims to show Syrian killings

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Shocking internet video claims to show Syrian killings

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Graphic scenes purporting to show Syrian forces firing on unarmed anti-government demonstrators have been posted on the internet.

It is claimed the images were filmed on Friday, the protesters marching with their arms aloft to show they had no weapons.

One report put the number of dead that day at least 100, the bloodiest 24 hours of protest in the five weeks of unrest.

Independent verification is nigh-on impossible, as the regime has expelled most foreign media.

Britain has deplored the killing of demonstrators in Syria. The US urged President Assad to stop what it called ‘the outrageous use of violence.’

There were many shocking images in this internet posting which we have not included in our report.

The killing went on the following day as police opened fire on mourners at the funerals of those who died on Friday.