Syria: mourners killed at protesters' funerals

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Syria: mourners killed at protesters' funerals

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Security forces have killed more anti-government protesters in Syria, as they attended the funerals of those who were shot dead the previous day.

A human rights organisation said at least 12 died.

Witnesses said three of those were shot in the Barzah district of Damascus.

A human rights activist claimed five mourners were killed when police opened fire on funeral processions in Izra’a and Sheikh Miskeen in the south of the country.

They were burying those who fell on Friday, the deadliest day in more than a month of protests against President Bashar al-Assad. One report says 100 demonstrators were killed.

Witnesses claim a further four mourners were gunned down at funerals in Douma, a suburb of the capital.

Some of the demonstrators were reported to be chanting that Assad was a traitor.

And in Dera’a, where the uprising began in March, reports emerged that two MPs became the first to resign from Assad’s autocratic rule in protest at the killings.

The government-appointed Muslim preacher for the city was also reported to have quit, furious that Syrian police were killing their own people.