Gaddafi's forces continue to strike Misrata

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Gaddafi's forces continue to strike Misrata

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Libyan government forces continue to pound Misrata, the only rebel stronghold in the west of the country.

Overnight mortar fire in Libya’s third largest city claimed rebel lives.

The city has been under siege for the past seven weeks and hundreds have been killed.

Anti-Gaddafi factions claim that snipers are at work and are deliberately targeting civilians, an accusation Tripoli denies.

Libyan state television reported that a NATO air strike had hit targets in Tripoli killing seven and wounding 18. NATO denied carrying out any such attack.

A spokesperson for the rebels said there was fighting near Libya’s western border with Tunisia. The frontier town of Wazin as well as the Libyan towns of Zintan and Nalut are coming under attack from Grad missiles.

Rebels claim their forces are well armed in the area and are in control.

Both France and Britain have been criticised for plans to dispatch military advisers to improve organisation and communications.

Gaddafi’s government has denounced the move and Russia said sending military personnel exceeds the UN mandate to protect civilians.