Italian peace activist's killers die in Gaza

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Italian peace activist's killers die in Gaza

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A stakeout at a refugee camp in Gaza between Hamas security forces and men suspected of the killing of an Italian peace activist has ended in violence.

Two people were killed, a third wounded and three others captured.

Hamas has been searching for those responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Vittorio Arrigoni, whose body was found on Monday. He had been hanged.

Hamas says all six suspects were members of a Salafist group which has alleged links to al-Qaeda.

They had captured Arrigoni to demand the release of one of their leaders, arrested by Hamas.

Arrigoni’s murder shocked many Palestinians, and hundreds gathered in Gaza City for his funeral as his coffin was taken via the Rafah check point into Egypt.

Arrigoni’s mother had forbidden her son’s body to leave the region via Israel.

She claimed: “Israel had not wanted her activist son when he was alive and wouldn’t have him now he was dead”.